PPS provides a wide range of services which include:

Fuel Distribution and Tanker Deliveries

We distribute and deliver fuel daily to a wide range of customers, including all service stations, transport operators, fishing boats, electricity generating authority, machine operators, factories and others.

Our modern fleet of tanker trucks and well trained drivers ensure that fuel orders are delivered efficiently to their location in a timely and safe manner.



Aviation Refueling

PPS provides aircraft refuelling services at both Faleolo International Airport and Fagalii for all aircraft on a 24 hours basis, seven days a week.

At Faleolo International Airport, Jet fuel is dispensed directly from underground hydrants located on the apron, by our aircraft refuelers, all of whom have been trained to a high standard and certified to operate as aircraft refuelers. At Fagalii Airport, Jet fuel is dispensed from a mobile hydrant cart.

Our aviation refuelling service operatrs to the highest industry standards and in accordance with the ExxonMobil Aviation Airport Operations Standards Manual (AOSM).

Ship Bunkering

PPS provides ship bunkering services at Apia Wharf. Bunkers can be delivered by truck to the ship or directly by underground pipeline. We also provide bunkers for fishing vessels and the many yachts who call in at Apia. Our ship bunkering service is available 24 hours a day.

Our team will be happy to quote for your bunker requirements.



Maintenance Government Assets

PPS is also responsible for the ongoing daily maintenance of all the terminals and fuel depots owned by Government. These include the main storage tanks at Sogi andApia Wharf, and the depot at Faleolo International Airport, Salelologa on the island of Savaii, Fagalii Airport and the Fisheries Wharf.




Maintenance Pumps & Tanks

PPS provides a repair and maintenance service for bowsers and pumps used to dispense fuel by service stations and other operators. We also calibrate the service station pumps on a monthly basis.

Our staff have been trained in the repair of a wide variety of pumps and ancillary equipment.


PPS operates at a number of locations around the country. The main terminal is at Sogi which is located right near the centre of the capital, Apia. Other fuel terminals and depots are located at the main wharf at Apia,  Faleolo International Airport, Salelologa on the island of Savaii, the Fisheries Wharf and Fagalii Airport. 

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